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Manon, Vincent, Isis and Gabriel Manon, Vincent, Isis and Gabriel wrote on October 5, 2017 at 13:14
October 5th 2017 Dear Komang and Luh.... Terimah Kasih You are like big sister to my wife. The wedding was amazing...Thanks to you all !! Dengan Cinta
Huib, Trudie, Joop, Karin, Vincent, Mianou, Gabriel Huib, Trudie, Joop, Karin, Vincent, Mianou, Gabriel from Netherlands wrote on October 5, 2017 at 12:56
October 5th 2017 Our stay at Villa Bahagia was wonderful. Thanks very much to all staff. Back home we will have so many good and warm memories. Thanks again and all the best.
Bert, Inc, Muriel,Steven,Jorp,Amber,Thomas,Alexandria,Pepin Bert, Inc, Muriel,Steven,Jorp,Amber,Thomas,Alexandria,Pepin from Netherlands wrote on June 22, 2017 at 11:59
22/06/2017 We had the pleasure to stay 5 days in your beautiful house. With our family including the little 1 year old Pepin. We had a very relaxing time, supported by the wonderful staff. They looked after Pepin when we went snorkelling for the day. Nothing was too much trouble. We played table tennis every day, enjoyed the pool and could really relax to start our vacation. Even when weather forecasts were predicting rain, the sun was always shining in Villa Bahagia. Luh,Komang, Madè, Ketut - thank you very much, you were great.
Ella and Emm Tamaet , Maria,Anna Ella and Emm Tamaet , Maria,Anna from Finland wrote on December 22, 2016 at 04:03
December 22nd 2016 The view we will miss back home in Finland. The sea, the sun, amazing gardens with beautiful plants,flowers,birds, frogs and lizards, not to mention the sounds of Balinese nature. A group of 11 (8 adults 3 children) friends and family members from Finland celebrated Christmas and New Year in Bali at Villa Bahagia. Before coming here we visited Canggu and Ubud. From Lovina we did some day trips to Menjangan to dive and snorkel,also to West Bali Natioal Park. We enjoyed the massage and manicure and pedicure at the balè. The staff was great ! We so enjoyed Indonesian food, sunrises, starry nights by the pool and sup-boarding and yoga in the garden and on a sup-board!! Thank you so,so much ! We are so relaxed! Suksema ! Kintos!
Sarah, Andrew, Luke and Brittany Sarah, Andrew, Luke and Brittany from Adelaide Australia wrote on August 29, 2016 at 15:33
August 29th 2016 Luh, Komang and Gede - Thank You so much for the most wonderful time here. It was way too short. We hope to see you again sometime.
Kath and Anna Kath and Anna from Dubbo Australia wrote on August 24, 2016 at 15:36
August 24th 2016 Luh and Komang looked after us so well. Thanks for a wonderful holiday. We will definitely be back....until next time LOVE
Teoza, Vicart Teoza, Vicart wrote on August 20, 2016 at 15:58
August 20th 2016 Big surprise on 13 th Aug 2016 In honour of our 45 years of marriage, that our children and grandchildren organised in full secret. - a Balinese orchestra - beautiful Balinese dancing girls - an outstanding dishes - Happy people, good health What more could we wish !! Many thanks to the staff: Luh, Komang, Gede and Ketut and last but not least the ladies of the massage And if you like some physical exercise and an introduction in the martial arts I can very much recommend David...Luh knows who to call. Also nice for children!!
Flora, Jo , Mikal, Vincent, Guust,Veerk, Willeng, Bahs, Eric , Sara and Anne Vandeweyer Flora, Jo , Mikal, Vincent, Guust,Veerk, Willeng, Bahs, Eric , Sara and Anne Vandeweyer from Holland wrote on August 19, 2016 at 08:24
August 19th 2016 Dear Iluh, Komang, Gedeh and Ketut Thank you all very much for making our stay in Bali unforgettable. After visiting the graves of Flora's grandfather and great grandmother in East Java we came to relax in Bali. Here we were united with our children and grandchildren and stayed for 3 weeks at Villa Bahagia. This proved to be a good choice !! We did all the things that can be done here like snorkelling at Permuteran and Menjangan, biking with, walking on your own and visiting the finish of the traditional boat race from Singaraja to Lovina. We had a dancing ceremony at the villa and also visited Pratan temple and Sekumpul waterfall. On the way to this waterfall you find a nice temple ( Pura Madune Karag in Kubutambaha) with the relief of a Dutch artist W.O Mienwenhamp, who visited Bali in 1909 and travelled with hisbike. In Singaraja one can also find beautiful houses from the "old" colonial era. And also cultural museum. But most of all we enjoyed the Love andcare of Iluh,Komang, Gedeh and Ketut, who did all they could to make us feel happy. They succeeded with ease. It's about time to go home to Holland where " they" had no summer at all this year. So we head for the rain....but with Bali in our minds and heart.
Kerryn andAndy Kerryn andAndy from Tasmania Australia wrote on May 17, 2016 at 08:33
May 17th 2016 We had the most beautiful stay at Villa Bahagia. It was so lovely and peaceful after a busy week in Sanur. We have gained a new appreciation for Balinese Life and the Balinese people have shown us so much joy and generosity. To Luh, Komang, Gede and Ketut - Thank You so very much for taking amazing care of us, for the friendship you showed us and the laughs we shared. Terima Kasih banyak! Thank you Putu for driving us and keeping us safe on the roads. We are sad to go to the airport now Sampan Jumpa Bahagia
Family de Bruin, Jente, Andras,Nieck, Steff, Andre and Wendy Family de Bruin, Jente, Andras,Nieck, Steff, Andre and Wendy from Netherlands wrote on May 5, 2016 at 02:52
May 5th 2016 We had a wonderful, relaxing, breath taking holiday at Villa Bahagia. After staying first in the South of Bali 1 week, we enjoyed the amazing garden, sea view, great pool and of course the amazing staff for our 2nd week in the North. We will miss back home the view and the nice people, the staff who made this holiday so amazing. Thank you for these great memories,they will be cherished.
Gotten, Brent and Nicole ... Dorthe, Ulrik,Jonos and Karen Gotten, Brent and Nicole ... Dorthe, Ulrik,Jonos and Karen from Denmark wrote on February 2, 2016 at 02:58
February 2nd 2016 Once again we have had a fantastic holiday here at Villa Bahagia. We have relaxed in the lush garden, hiked in the mountains,snorkled and enjoyed nice Indonesian food. The staff have made the holiday even more amazing,trying to meet our every wish. Until next time.......
Rett, Shaun, Brian, Leah, Xavier, Charlie, Sue and Jeroen Rett, Shaun, Brian, Leah, Xavier, Charlie, Sue and Jeroen wrote on October 2, 2015 at 04:30
October 2nd 2015 LOVED IT Best time in Bali - magnificent staff, can not think of anything wrong - except so hard to book the villa for our next holiday. from Rett. We had a love stay in paradise, perfect in every way. The staff were fabulous and a delight. Always had a smile for us and looked after us so beautifully. The Villa was absolutely wonderful and met our every need and more. Looking forward to returning. From Shaun xxx WOW!! Service was fantastic. Iluh is a great cook, the villa was cleaned immaculately every day. Love it here, would definitely come back for a return visit. Massages each day is a great way to relax. 5 star service, 5 star villa. From Brian. As this was our 1st time in Bali - I will never go anywhere but Lovina ! This villa is amazing. You can relax and enjoy your environment. From massages every day to beautifully cooked meals - I can't fault anything. The BEST service I have ever experienced! From Leah, Brian, Xavier and Charlie. Xx We had an absolutely magic experience here at Villa Bahagia with good friends, good food and good wine! However, the experience would not have been so fabulous without the wonderful location, beautiful villa, the sea and the sand, but most of all the staff. Iluh and everyone else, thankyou SO VERY MUCH !! You are all worth your weight in gold. It would not have been the same without you all ! All the very best to you and see you next time we come ! From Sue and Jeroen XO XO
Family Van Rhoon.... Guy, Radia, Nina, Rosie, Justin, Amiza, Louiza, Fabrice, Victor, Jimin, Max and Coley Family Van Rhoon.... Guy, Radia, Nina, Rosie, Justin, Amiza, Louiza, Fabrice, Victor, Jimin, Max and Coley from Europe wrote on August 2, 2015 at 04:47
August 2nd 2015 A wonderful and incredible 7 days in Bahagia Villa. What a villa !! But the staff made it complete.Iluh, Komang, Ketut and Gede. What a team. Not only housekeeping. Iluh and Komang, we didn't eat in restaurants, we didn't want to. They cooked 5 star food. Even my youngest grandchildren loved. Thanks and see you again ! From Family Van Rhoon We loved it here! We didn't want to leave. Only one day we went on a day trip and we already missed you !! Hopely we can come back for another relaxing , lovely vacation. You're the best, all of you!! From Justin,Amiza and the kids.
Eugeniya, Andrew, Maxim, Eugeniya, Taniya, Denis and Olesiya Eugeniya, Andrew, Maxim, Eugeniya, Taniya, Denis and Olesiya from Russia wrote on February 2, 2015 at 05:46
February 2nd 2015 It was our first time in Bali; and we're glad we've chosen Villa Bahagia as our place of stay! We enjoyed every minute in the Villa !! Even if it's raining all day long, you'll never feel uncomfortable! Especially TERIMAH KASIK TO LUH! She is so helpful!!! Meal is perfect! And thanks to ALL staff!! It was so nice to meet Sofia! My personal thanks for everything! Guests from Russia
Jackie, Brian, Summer, Jonathan, Ruby, Mia, Phil, Mia, Malachi and Marni...Family The Walkers. Jackie, Brian, Summer, Jonathan, Ruby, Mia, Phil, Mia, Malachi and Marni...Family The Walkers. from Geralton, WA, Australia wrote on January 15, 2015 at 06:48
January 15th 2015 Thank you to all for a wonderful week....far too short. We are just learning to relax and live in "Bali- time " and it's time to go. Ah well, we can come back again! The lush green ofBali is such contrast to the red plains of Geralton in Wesern Australia. The black sand beach is puzzling at first as we are used to white beaches....but we loved it - especially when it rained really hard and we ran into the sea to celebrate the rain ( including the 3 yr and 6 yr old). This is one of many trips we have done to Bali and the North is just terrific. Quiet. Still has bemos! Not so much traffic. Lovely food and weather. Thank you Villa Bahagia Team for the "comfort ". Thank you so much fora wonderful stay, everyone was so kind and helpful, the food was absolutely delicious and the beds were so fluffy and was a perfect place to stay! XXXK
Gitte,Bent, Jytte,Kurt,Dorthe,Ulrik, Karen, Julius and Louise. Gitte,Bent, Jytte,Kurt,Dorthe,Ulrik, Karen, Julius and Louise. from Denmark wrote on December 23, 2014 at 09:00
December 23rd 2014 On our way around Bali we spent a week in Villa Bahagia and loved every minute of our stay. The children enjoyed the pool and the beach and the adults relaxed in the luscious gardens. The staff have been most helpful arranging massage, trips, snorkelling and last but not least the most wonderful meals of Indonesian is fair to say the staff made the stay extra special.!! When we return to cold winter in Denmark we will have the warm memories of our stay here. THANKS.
Theo Tromp., Paula Kees, Jose Theo Tromp., Paula Kees, Jose from Netherlands, Thailand, Holland, Indonesia wrote on November 26, 2014 at 09:11
November 26th 2014 We are here with a group of walkers. After we walks on Java for 7 days we have a very good time and take care here. Living in Luxe from the villa, swimming pool and the Balinese beer. Thank you for this all.Alone next time hope we see the dolphins. Greetings and Thanks.
Natalie, Peter, Jayden, Cody, Charlotte, Caitlin, Eileen and Colleen Natalie, Peter, Jayden, Cody, Charlotte, Caitlin, Eileen and Colleen wrote on November 17, 2014 at 09:25
November 17th 2014 We stayed here for 7 days, an extended family getaway. During this time we have had the most wonderful experiences. Everyday has bought something new, from the local people going about their lives to organised trips to other places. I can't find fault the amazing service from Lou and Komang in the house to the care and attention of the grounds by Gedè. It will be hard to top the experiencs of the past week. Hopefully your holiday here will be as wonderful as ours. Thank you and all the Best.

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